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A baby's birth is cause for celebration and at Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center, births are celebrated with a variety of "extra" touches that help families  welcome their infants into the world.


Our Maternity Unit is a private wing of our Acute Care area. This private unit includes two Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms with whirlpool baths and post-partum rooms to care for mom and baby after delivery.

Our staff of RNs and LPNs care for mothers and babies during labor and delivery as well as providing nursery services. Our Maternity Unit delivers 200 babies annually and works in collaboration with our Beatrice Women's and Children's Clinic staff of three OB-GYNs, a certified nurse midwife, two pediatricians and several physician assistants.


Our Maternity Unit offers a caring and progressive environment to new mothers and families. Our services include:

  • central monitoring system
  • hearing screen testing
  • infant security system
  • birth and family preparation classes
  • breastfeeding support

Combining the newest technologies with modern design is our way of making sure advanced care is always there for you and your family.

Baby's First Picture

It's a special moment when moms and dads see their baby for the first time in the mother's womb. Ultrasound uses sound waves to safely and painlessly gather detailed information on how your baby is developing. Mothers who have their ultrasounds performed at Beatrice Community Hospital receive a complementary CD with photos of their baby's images.

Lullaby Announces Each Birth

The arrival of each baby is "musically" announced throughout Beatrice Community Hospital with several measures of Brahms' Lullaby, and always brings smiles to everyone in the hospital.

Handmade Baby Caps

Each infant receives a handmade cap, lovingly made by volunteers in the community. Each cap is unique and becomes a treasured family keepsake.

Infant Security System

A security system keeps your baby safe while in Beatrice Community Hospital. A bracelet is placed on the infant's ankle after birth. The system monitors the baby's location so hospital staff can transport your infant, but will send an alarm throughout the hospital if taken off the unit by someone other than hospital staff.


The footprints of each baby are posted on a Bulletin Board, announcing the first name and weight of every boy and girl.

Patient Rooms

Our two Labor/Delivery/Recovery suites are located within the Maternity Unit and are attractively decorated with comfortable furnishings which offer safety, relaxation, and privacy without disruptive room transfers. Learn more.





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