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Diagnostic Imaging

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Comprehensive Imaging Services

CT -- Computed Tomography
MRI -- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nuclear Imaging
PET/CT -- Positron Emission Tomography plus Computed Tomography

Digital X-ray

Bone Density


Vascular Ultrasound
Mammography 3D

Vascular Ultrasound

Special Procedures

  • Ultrasound Guided Biopsies:
  • Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis
  • Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis
  • CT Guided Biopsies:
  • CT Guided SI Joint Injection
  • CT Lung Cancer Screening
  • ESI Injections
  • X-ray Myelogram with CT or MRI follow through
  • Fluoro Guided Lumbar Puncture
  • Hysterosalpingogram
  • VCUG
  • Cystogram
  • X-ray Arthrogram (any joint)
  • Fluoro Guided Joint Injections
  • Fluoro and Ultrasound Guided PICC Line Insertions
  • Fluoro Guided Port-a-Cath Insertions
  • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  • Breast Needle Localization
  • Nuc Med Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Nuc Med Tagged Red Blood Cells (MUGA and GI Bleed)
  • Nuc Med Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
  • Nuc Med Thyroid Uptake and Scan
  • PET/CT Scans (every Tuesday)

Dedicated Women's Imaging Center

American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence


Digital Mammography

Stereotactic and Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy
Breast MRI

Bone Density

Ultrasound (3-D ultrasound imaging is available if the baby cooperates)





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