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About Us


Our Mission

We are dedicated to be the healthcare resource for the communities we serve by providing quality services and compassionate care.


Our Vision

Caring People, Committed to Caring for People


Our Values
Excellence * Compassion * Ethics


Non-discrimination policy

Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center will not discriminate in matters of employment or service delivery on the basis of race, creed, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap or disability, marital status or veteran status.



A Tradition of Caring

History of Beatrice Community Hospital


Mennonite Hospital 

In 1877, Mennonite families moved to the Beatrice area from Prussia. At a celebration of thanksgiving in 1905, these families asked, “How can we thank God and our fellow man for the privilege of living in a free America and in this community?” Their answer: build a hospital. It would be called the Mennonite Deaconess Home and Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jansen donated a block of land located in the 1100 block of North 11th Street. By 1910, Mennonite Church members had raised $20,516.25, and construction began on a 30-bed hospital which had a final cost of approximately $25,000. When the hospital was dedicated on July 16, 1911, it was debt free. The new hospital had three staff members: two Deaconess Sisters trained as nurses, and a custodian, who did a variety of tasks.


Lutheran Hospital 

In 1899, Dr. Harry Hepperlen had started the first hospital in Beatrice known as the Hepperlen Hospital. It was bought by the Lutherans in 1913. In 1920 a new replacement hospital known as the Lutheran Hospital was opened on South Ninth Street.


Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center 

In 1976, the Mennonite Deaconess Home and Hospital changed its name to Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center.  In the early 1980s because of changing medical and economic conditions and the size of the community, it became apparent that Beatrice and its surrounding communities could not continue to support two individual hospitals, and in 1982 the Lutheran Hospital was acquired by BCH. The Lutheran Hospital building was used as a long-term care facility known as Parkview Center until it closed in 2010.


In 1992, BCH acquired the Wymore Clinic.


On February 15, 2012, BCH closed its downtown hospital facility and opened the doors to a new healthcare complex on the north edge of Beatrice.


Also, during 2012, the Children's Clinic and the Women's Clinic of Beatrice, both owned by BCH, merged to become the Beatrice Women's and Children's Clinic. In addition, BCH opened Beatrice Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine and acquired Southeast Nebraska Surgery (now Beatrice General Surgery).


In 2013, BCH acquired Gage County Medical Clinic, Beatrice Medical Center, and Beatrice Internal Medicine.


In 2017, BCH acquired Community Medical Center.


In 2023, BCH consolidated its family and internal medicine clinics into a new BCH Family and Internal Medicine Clinic located on the hospital campus.


Beatrice Community Hospital is an independent not-for-profit hospital, with a self-perpetuating hospital board of directors comprised of volunteer community members.

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