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Beatrice Women’s & Children’s Clinic welcomes children of all ages. Our pediatricians are highly experienced in providing a broad range of pediatric care — from regular screenings and checkups to the treatment of a variety of injuries and conditions.

So whether your child simply needs a physical exam before volleyball season, or if she or he has broken a limb on the playground or contracted a virus at school, our pediatricians have the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat her or him and get them back to their active lives as quickly and safely as possible.

Well-Baby Exams

Frequent visits during your baby’s first year are important to monitor the growth and development of your newest family member. At Beatrice Women’s & Children’s Clinic, we take the extra time to make sure each visit is comprehensive in nature. We encourage you to bring questions so we may help you meet all of your baby’s needs.

  • Head-to-Toe Physical Exam
    We will assess your baby from the top of its head to the tips of its toes — and everything in between. We pay extra attention to the progression of the soft spots and check for mobility or joint issues in each toe.
  • Baby Measurements
    The skilled providers at Beatrice Women’s & Children’s Clinic will spend the time with you to explain the purpose of baby measurements and the rationale of the percentage scale, whether it’s your first baby or your fourth. Your child will be measured for height, weight and head circumference at each well-baby exam.
  • Motor Skills Development
    Motor skills, or how well your baby masters certain tasks, should be monitored closely in the first year. Our providers will ask several questions during each visit that will allow them to assess your child’s progress in this area. Remember to take notice of the special achievements of your little one — from the first time your baby notices the lights or movement of the fan — to his or her very first step.


We strongly recommend immunizations to prevent disease. During your visits, we will discuss our recommended immunization schedule for your child and will answer any questions you may have. We offer a comprehensive list of vaccinations, beyond what is required by Nebraska state law, for each child prior to entering school.

Well-Child Exams

We recommend well-child exams until your child reaches 19 years old. Each visit will include a general health exam and a vision and hearing screening, and will continue to track growth and development. In addition, in partnership with the Reach Out and Read program, every child receives a free book at each well-child exam. Beatrice Women’s & Children’s Clinic also welcomes the opportunity to conduct physicals for school, sports and camp.

Acute Care

We are experienced in answering questions such as, “Why won’t my baby stop crying,” and treating burns from your teenager’s first attempt at baking cookies. We treat everything from ear infections, rashes, fever, sore throats and allergies to sprains, fractures, croup and migraines.

Treatment of ADHD

The most common psychiatric disorder amongst children, ADHD, can be effectively treated if acknowledged. If you notice symptoms, our providers will take a holistic look at your child, including home and school, to develop a customized treatment plan. We believe in educating the family on this disorder while advising a combination of lifestyle changes, counseling, medication and behavior modification for your child to achieve the most effective treatment.


We strongly believe that education — for both the child and the family — is the key to prevention. Regardless of your child’s age, we will discuss health and safety, nutrition, physical fitness, sleep habits, growth and development, behavior and discipline and issues surrounding emotions, socialization, learning, family matters and puberty during your visit.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit organization of medical providers who promote early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms nationwide. Started in Boston in 1989, the program gives new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud. Beatrice Women & Children’s Clinic has been a participant in Reach Out and Read since 2013.





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