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Labor Pain Management

There are several different forms of pain management/anesthesia options at Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center for childbirth. They may be used independently or in conjunction with one another. some of the most commonly used are:


-- Whirlpool baths, walking, massage, several choices of labor balls, breathing and relaxing techniques, aromatherapy, and psychological support.


-- IV medications "to take the edge off."


-- An epidural can be used to achieve relief of labor pain by placing a small catheter in the woman's back. An epidural has a continuous infusion of medication until the delivery of the baby. Women are able to remain alert and continue to participate in the birth experience.


-- A spinal (Intrathecal) is a rapid and effective way to provide pain relief for women in labor. it is similar to the epidural but is usually a single injection of medication.


--Regional anesthesia.

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