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Michele Shaw

Meet Michele – a believer in robotic surgery!


Michele Shaw is back to work, playing hide & seek with her grandsons, and being free of pain for the first time in a long time.


After three attacks of diverticulitis in 18 months, each resulting in hospitalization for at least four days, Michele was referred to Dr. David Masinter, a board-certified general surgeon at Beatrice Community Hospital. Dr. Masinter advised a sigmoidectomy to remove the affected part of the colon and recommended performing it robotically.


Michele, a store clerk at the Beatrice Salvation Army Thrift Store, said that while she was surprised to learn BCH offered robotic surgery, she is delighted with the outcome.


“I would highly recommend having robotic surgery if it is an option,” Michele said. “The decreased impact of the surgical procedure on the body is so beneficial. If I ever need surgery again, and it is an option, I would absolutely choose to have it done in this manner. I have had abdominal surgery in the past and the recovery period was very difficult, and the pain was extensive, difficult to manage even with strong narcotic pain medication.”


Michele was willingly discharged from the hospital the day following the surgery. In addition, due to less pain, she transitioned quickly to non-narcotic pain medicine.


Because robotic surgery was new to Michele, she said she especially appreciated how thoroughly Dr. Masinter explained the surgery and the recovery period.


“I truly believe the combination of the robotic surgery and the non-narcotic pain medicine regimen made a huge, positive difference in my overall surgical experience,” Michele said. “I am thankful for the care Dr. Masinter and his team took with me during this time and would highly recommend him and this surgery to anyone who is needing it.”


Michele said life is returning to normal, and she is grateful to be able to enjoy time with the family again - her husband of 30 years, two beautiful adult daughters, two handsome grandsons, and, of course, their German Shepherd puppy.

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